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How do I add and use Activities?

Jacqueline Pittenger
posted this on February 9, 2013, 10:39 PM

The Basics

Activities are used to tag your freelancer’s time to different tasks, projects, or other trackable items within a single hourly contract. Freelancers can select from these labels when tracking time to help organize your report. You can also edit Activities in your freelancer’s Work Diaries if you prefer to handle it yourself.

The Activities system has been designed to be flexible to handle three primary use cases:

  1. Tracking time on multiple Activities for a particular freelancers.
  2. Tracking time on a particular Activity across multiple freelancers.
  3. Tracking time on multiple Activities across multiple freelancers.

The Background

You as company owner and any other hiring managers can add, edit, archive, or delete Activities at any time. However, the changes can affect your reports. When you delete or archive an Activity, your freelancers will no longer be able to tag time to it. Therefore, it's best to give them warning to ensure all time in the Work Diary is properly tagged before the Activity becomes unavailable.

You’ll have the opportunity to assign specific Activities to one or more freelancers. Carefully assign only the Activities needed to each freelancer to avoid potential mistagging, and take advantage of the archive option to retire Activities no longer in use without removing past tags.

Advanced options allow you manage your Teams' Activities independently or to use an existing Jira system to create Activities automatically.

Complex work relationships may be easier to manager if you to hire the freelancer to separate, concurrent contracts instead of, or in addition to, setting Activities.

The Details

Activities can be controlled from several parts of the Upwork site:

  • Activities Management: Go to Reports and click View/edit Activities. This is the main page where you will create Activity categories and assign them to contracts. You can also archive Activities labels that are no longer in use. Data for archived Activities will stay in reports and they may be unarchived to be used again.
  • Contract/Freelancer Detail (View/Edit): On the Freelancer Detail page for the contract, you can view and edit the list of Activities that are assigned to the contract. Come here if you want to assign many Activities to a contract at once.
  • Work Diary (View/Edit): The Activity will be displayed above the screenshots with the Memo in the form "[Activitiy]:[Memo]". Click on the Activity to edit it.

Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding Activities.

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