What is Project Catalog?

With Project Catalog, you can find freelancers offering ready-to-launch projects that are fully customizable to fit your needs. There are more than 290,000 projects to choose from, and you don’t need to post a job or sort through proposals.


Discovering what you need

Each project includes details such as pricing, terms, scope, and timing. You can search for listings by a general category or use the search bar to find specific skills and services.

You’ll also see the freelancer’s rating and any samples they have provided. When you find the right match, you can purchase a project their project directly from the listing.

Freelancers may also offer ways for you to further customize the project with add-ons. You can always message the freelancer from the listing if you have questions, or view their profile to learn more about them and their work history.

If you like the freelancer’s project but aren’t quite ready to buy, select the heart icon on the top right of a project to save it. The project will save to a list you can access at any time from your account, making it easy to compare options and plan for future projects.


If you need help scoping out your project needs or advice from someone in the field, you can book a consultation on Project Catalog. A consultation gives you access to an expert so you can get advice, plan your project, and determine your next steps.

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