This beta feature is not yet available for everyone, but we're working on it!

Sometimes, you need a job done that needs a few extra helping hands. With team proposals, multiple freelancers join together to submit a proposal for your job post. This makes it easier for you to manage complex projects.

How it works

Freelancers can team up with up to four other people from their network to submit a proposal together to your job post. This feature allows you to hire them all at once and they’ll all work on the same project with their own individual rates.

In order for the job post to have an option for team proposals, you’ll need to be an established user on Upwork and actively hiring.

Receiving a team proposal

Reviewing a team proposal

You’ll know it’s a team proposal because it’ll be labeled and how it’s displayed. You can message with the team lead to discuss the team’s qualifications or request an interview before you hire. You’ll conduct all pre-hire messaging with the team lead (you can message each individual collaborator after hiring).

When you select a team proposal, you can read the cover letter of the group and see the profile of every collaborator. When you are ready to hire, you’ll review the terms one more time and send the offer.

Working with your team

After you hire, the team will get to work. You’ll pay and manage each freelancer separately in their own contract workrooms, just as you would with any other contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are team proposals?

Team proposals allows freelancers to join together to submit a proposal and work together on your project. This allows you to hire multiple people at the same time who can collaborate on high-value opportunities without being part of an agency.

Why would freelancers use team proposals?

Freelancers can work together on bigger projects without being part of an agency.

Are all job posts eligible to receive team proposals?

No. To be eligible to receive team proposals, you’ll need to be established on Upwork and actively hiring. You’ll also need to opt-in to receive team proposals when you create your job post.

Do I need to manually select that the job post is open to team proposals?

Yes. After you create your job post, we’ll ask if you’re open to receiving proposals from teams, if you’re eligible.

How will I pay each freelancer?

You’ll pay each freelancer as you would normally. They each have their own rate and you can manage each collaborator’s work individually.

Can I message with each freelancer individually before starting?

You’ll only be able to message with the team lead before hiring. However, you can still view each freelancer’s profile individually. You can message with each individual collaborator, or the whole team at once, after hiring.

How do I manage work and the contract?

Each collaborator will work and be paid independently. You’ll manage work as normal.

Will I have a contract workroom with each individual freelancer or with the whole team?

You’ll have a contract workroom with each individual collaborator. After the team proposal is submitted, the work is managed separately.

Does this mean I'll only get proposals from teams?

No, you’ll be able to receive team, agency, and individual proposals.

Do I have to hire everyone from a team proposal?

You may ask the team lead to exclude a collaborator from the team proposal, if you’d like.

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