Organizing Your Talent and Teams on Any Hire

Organizing talent

Through Any Hire, professionals are organized much like they are in the rest of Upwork. On the Hired Talent page, there are “Active” and “Inactive” tabs.

Freelancers and employees you’ve contracted with are listed by end of contract date, and overview information — such as work type and contract name. Select the professional you are interested in viewing for more details.

Organizing your team

If you already have existing teams on Upwork, you’ll be prompted to choose the team that you want to work with for each contract that you create.

If you don’t already have teams, you can create them. Any Hire lets you bring your coworkers onboard so that they can also work with the talent on your teams.

You can designate specific permissions for each coworker.

  • Invite a coworker — If you’re an existing Any Hire user, you can invite coworkers to join the Any Hire experience so that they can create contracts and pay for your remote team. To do so, you’ll need the following information:
    • Your coworkers’ email addresses
    • The administration level you want to assign to them (None, Finance, or Full)
    • An optional message
  • Give permissions — You’ll have the ability to set advanced permissions for coworkers by selecting Advanced settings when you invite your coworker. If you don’t choose Advanced settings, we’ll set the permission to one of these default settings:
    • Hiring: Manager
    • View Work Diaries: Team
    • Can Chat With: Team


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