Contract-to-hire—showing you are open to full-time employment

We know at times clients want to hire freelancers as full-time employees after working with them on Upwork. If you are open to this possibility, you can add this to your profile for clients to see.

Show that you’re open to a contract-to-hire opportunity

You can set in your profile settings if you are open to contract-to-hire opportunities:

If you have an existing Upwork profile
  1. Go to Find Work
  2. Select the edit symbol labeled Job Preference
  3. Check the box next to Open to contract-to-hire
  4. Choose Update to save your preference
If you are new to Upwork, you can select Open to contract-to-hire during profile set-up.

Once you have selected this setting in your profile, clients can find you by using a filter for Open to contract-to-hire when searching for talent on the platform.

When a client wants to convert

We always encourage clients to talk to you when they want you to convert to a role off Upwork. When they start the process to convert your working relationship, you’ll get an email (and a notification) from us. This will let you know which client/contract wants to convert, and allow you to accept or reject their offer.

If you accept the offer, you can work with them directly after they pay the Conversion Fee.

When a client wants to use Any Hire

A client may pay the conversion fee and hire you as an employee but still want to use Upwork’s tools, such as payment processing. When clients convert, they have the option to use Any Hire.

Any Hire is a specialized self-service platform within Upwork that helps clients hire and onboard candidates from around the world as either independent contractors or full-time, permanent employees. If a client wants to work together through Any Hire, they’ll send you an Any Hire contract offer after they complete the conversion process. Talent pays no fees on all active Any Hire contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job with contract-to-hire potential?

When you are searching for jobs posted by clients, select the Contract-to-hire filter option from the menu on the left.

Am I obligated to go full-time with the client if I take a job with contract-to-hire potential?

No. We highlight contract-to-hire opportunities, but there is no obligation to move to full-time and the client may decide not to move the job to full-time.

What is the process for going full-time with a client I found on Upwork?

As long as you both agree, the client can convert your contract so they can hire you as a full-time employee or take your working relationship off Upwork. The client will pay the Upwork Conversion Fee: you do not pay any fee for converting the contract.

Can I have multiple contracts at once that are contract-to-hire opportunities?

Yes, there is no limit on the amount of contract-to-hire roles you can get here.

Can I go full-time with a client if our contract was not for a job described as a contract-to-hire opportunity?

Yes. We offer the option for clients to convert any closed or active contract, whether it started as a contract-to-hire opportunity or not.

How do I know when it’s ok for me to work with a client who is handling contracts, payment, and communication on their own?

We’ll communicate with both you and your client during the contract conversion so the process and the status is clear to everyone. You'll get an email and a notification. When you agree to the conversion and the client pays the fee, we also send a confirmation email letting you know.


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