A screenshot tool is available via the Upwork Desktop App in every Upwork Messages chat room. (currently unavailable on web and mobile)

  1. Click the screenshot icon at the right of compose message box
  2. Choose Selection to crop the screenshot with crosshairs or Full Screen to snap everything currently visible on your monitor
  3. Annotate if desired, then upload to the current chat room or create a shareable link

You can annotate captured screenshots with

  • Boxes
  • Circles
  • Arrows
  • Lines
  • Freeform Pencil Drawing
  • Text
  • Blur
  • Crop

To provide feedback on the screenshot tool, click on “leave feedback” in the top left of the screenshot screen while in a snapshot.

Current limitations

  • You can undo annotations but not edit them
  • Only available via the Upwork Desktop App; not available in Messages on the web or mobile
  • For Mac OS users having trouble, be sure to activate the appropriate permissions

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