Canada — Transit Number

A transit number is the Bank Identifier Code (BIC) used among banks in Canada to transfer funds. It is composed of a three-digit financial institution number which identifies your bank and a five-digit transit number that identifies your specific bank branch. With this simple code, Upwork's bank can route funds to any registered bank in Canada.

Regulated by the Canadian Payments Association, Canadian transit numbers for paper transactions like checks appear in this format: XXXXX-YYY. XXXXX is a branch number, and YYY is an institution number.

For Electronic Fund Transactions (EFT), the format includes a leading zero, the institution number, then the branch number all with no hyphens. For example, if a check shows the transit number as XXXXX-YYY, the corresponding EFT code is 0YYYXXXXX.

You can find your financial institution number and transit number on your bank statement or on your checks. You may also contact your bank.

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