Upwork Talent Specialists

Upwork Talent Specialists support clients in finding the right freelancer and making the most of the tools Upwork has to offer. If you qualify for this service, you'll be contacted via email and Upwork Messages by your Talent Specialist. A premium version of this service is available through the Upwork Pro program.

Services Provided

Upwork Talent Specialists provide the following services to eligible clients

  • Reviewing your job posting to help attract the most qualified freelancers for your job
  • Inviting relevant freelancers who match your requirements to submit a proposal
  • Or if you receive many quality proposals, shortlisting experienced freelancers for your consideration
  • Answering questions and offering tips about searching, contracting and paying through Upwork

A Talent Specialist’s services are provided to select clients for a predetermined period of time or number of job postings. Please speak with your Talent Specialist if you have questions about how long you’ll have access to them or how they can help you.

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