The agency job success score is calculated using the same formula for freelancers. But instead of contracts of just one freelancer, we look at all contracts of the agency's exclusive and non-exclusive agency contractors, ensuring that agencies and agency members have one consistent score.

All exclusive agency freelancers who have enough contracts to qualify for a JSS will see their agency score listed on their profile. Agency owners are responsible for the all work of their agencies and agency freelancers, so their profiles will reflect the collective JSS of their agencies rather than their own account ratings if their account is set to agency exclusive.

If I remove an exclusive agency contractor, will that affect my JSS?

Your agency's score will not automatically change when an exclusive agency contractor leaves your team. The Upwork system takes snapshots of your six, 12 and 24-month history in the marketplace and calculates a score for each. The best score out of these rolling windows is displayed on your profile and updated about every two weeks. Once this freelancer's work falls out of the best time window, it will no longer be reflected in the agency's score. Similarly, adding freelancers with high scores may not automatically increase your agency's score because only contracts done for the agency will count towards your score.

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