Breaking a project into smaller parts can help you manage the work and communicate steps more clearly to your client. It also lets you get paid as the project progresses instead of waiting for a lump sum payment when the project is finished.

That’s why we created the option to include milestones in your proposals for some fixed-price projects. These milestones let you divide the payment for a project into predefined chunks with specific goals.

Propose a milestone for a new job

You can set up milestones as part of your proposal for a job, or during the interview phase before creating a contract. Milestones help you set more specific terms than a single project bid.

Propose a milestone for an active job

Once you and your client create a contract, the client must create and update all future milestones for fixed-price jobs. If you want to add a new milestone, request edits to future milestones, or propose a new contract, you can send your client a request.

Note that we only require clients to fund one milestone at a time. We do not cover a milestone by Fixed-Price Protection until the client has fully funded it to escrow.


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