Some fixed-price projects allow you to propose milestones. These milestones divide the payment for a project into predefined chunks with specific goals, instead of a lump sum payment when a project is complete. 

Propose a milestone for a new job

You can set up milestones as part of your proposal for a job, or during the interview phase before creating a contract. Milestones help to set more specific terms than with a single project bid. 

Propose a milestone for an active job

Once a contract is created, all future milestones for fixed-price jobs must be created and updated by the client. However, freelancers and agencies can send a client requests to add, edit, and delete milestones. These requests must be activated within 24 hours, or they will expire.

Note that clients are only required to fund one milestone at a time. A milestone is not covered by Fixed-Price Protection until it is fully funded to escrow by the client.

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