Some fixed-price projects allow you to propose milestones. These milestones divide the payment for a project into predefined chunks with specific goals, instead of a lump sum payment when a project is complete. 

Propose a milestone for a new job

You can set up milestones as part of your proposal for a job, or during the interview phase before creating a contract. Milestones help to set more specific terms than with a single project bid. $5 is the smallest value that you can set for a milestone.

Propose a milestone for an active job

Once a contract is created, all future milestones for fixed-price jobs must be created and updated by the client. However, freelancers and agencies can send a client requests to add, edit, and delete milestones. 

Note that clients are only required to fund one milestone at a time. A milestone is not covered by Fixed-Price Protection until it is fully funded to escrow by the client.

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