Already discussing next steps with your client? Speed up the process by creating and sending them a contract for consideration. Your client can then approve the terms and send you a final offer for acceptance. This is similar to the rehire function the client already has, but it allows you to propose new terms for the next contract.

Propose a New Contract to an Existing Client

You can propose a new contract in three places

  1. Messages (all past clients)
  2. My Jobs (if you have a current contract with the same client)
  3. My Jobs  All Contracts (all current and past clients)

Go to one of the pages above, find a contract, or room with that client, click the (...) options menu and choose "Propose New Contract." You can only submit one proposal per client at a time.

Proposing a new contract is not permitted for

  • Clients without at least one payment on a contract with you
  • Enterprise clients

Notifying the Client

Anytime you propose a new contract we automatically notify your client by both emailing them and sending a note via Upwork Messages. They will also see it listed for review in their "Pending Contracts."

Your client then has several options: they can approve the proposal, make a counteroffer, or decline the proposal.

Withdraw a Proposed Contract

Proposed contracts can't be edited, but they can be withdrawn (and replaced with a new, revised version, if necessary).

  1. Go to My Jobs 
  2. Select the proposed contract in the Pending Contracts section
  3. Click the Withdraw button to delete the proposal

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