An Upwork Huddle is a meetup independently organized and hosted by Top Rated freelancers for the local Upwork freelancer community, and not an official Upwork event. It’s a great opportunity to socialize, extend your network, share stories about the freelancing lifestyle and have fun together with other freelancers who use Upwork’s website. The program is currently available in 35+ cities globally where we see strong interest with an opportunity to expand to additional cities in the future.

How can I host an Upwork Huddle?

Periodically we send an email campaign out to Top Rated freelancers in Huddle cities with opportunities to host the next Upwork Huddle locally.

If you would like to host an Upwork Huddle in your city, you can submit your interest through this form. All requests will be evaluated on an individual basis and an Upwork representative will get in touch with you within one week after the submission.

Is there any support from Upwork for Huddle organizers?

Yes, every Huddle organizer gets access to a go-to person at Upwork that you can contact in case of questions. We’ll also provide you with resources and tips for hosting a successful Upwork Huddle event. Once the event details are finalized, Upwork will send out the event invites to local Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancers on your behalf.

How are Upwork Huddles organized?
  1. Upwork emails Top Rated freelancers inviting them to submit their interest to host a Huddle in select cities.
  2. Top Rated freelancers fill out this form to request to host an event in their city.
  3. Upwork reviews submissions, and once selected, the host chooses and reserves the venue to host the Huddle.
  4. Upwork sends out the invites on behalf of the host.
  5. That’s it! The host leads the get-together for the local Upwork freelancer community.
What happens if all attendee tickets for an Upwork Huddle are sold out?

Based on our experience, tickets for Upwork Huddles usually sell out very quickly. If you were not able to get a seat at the upcoming Huddle in your city, stay tuned for an invite for future Upwork Huddles or get in touch with an Upwork representative through this form if you are interested in hosting the next Upwork Huddle.

Does it cost anything to attend an Upwork Huddle?

The only costs are typically any personal expenses, such as food or beverages purchased at the local venue by each attendee

* Note: Upwork is not legally responsible for any activities related to self-organized events. We do not endorse any independent organizer or unofficial events.

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