Your safety is our #1 priority. Due to Covid-19, all Talent Huddles are currently virtual events, hosted through Zoom Meeting, Google Meet/Google Hangout, or other online tools.

Freelancing is pretty amazing — it provides financial opportunity, let’s you pursue your passion, and gives you flexibility and control over your life and business.

But sometimes working remotely can be difficult, and you may miss having others around to socialize and network with in person.

Talent Huddles give you the chance to make connections and share stories about the freelancing lifestyle, plus have some fun! 

Huddles are not hosted by us –– they are planned and hosted by experienced Top Rated freelancers in their own communities. Since the first huddle was hosted by a freelancer on Upwork, thousands have attended. You can learn more about some huddle hosts here.

Note: A Talent Huddle is not an official Upwork event. Upwork does not endorse and is not responsible for any of the views expressed during these sessions.


To find out about official Upwork events, go here.


How do I sign up to attend a Talent Huddle?

Talent Huddles are by invitation only. If we learn that a freelancer on Upwork is planning one in your region, we will email you. (Please make sure you have opted to receive marketing/event emails from Upwork if you want to receive any invites). If you are invited, you will need to register and will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully registered for the event.

Are Talent Huddles announced on the Events page?

Since Talent Huddles are invite-only with limited seats available, we currently don’t announce upcoming Talent Huddles on the Upwork events page.

Does it cost anything to attend?

It is free to attend a Talent Huddle. However, for in-person events, you might have expenses for travel, food and beverages at the venue.

How many people usually attend?

Talent Huddles usually have between 5 and 15 participants. Since seats are limited, available tickets usually go quickly.

How are virtual Talent Huddles conducted?

Usually Talent Huddles are hosted via Zoom Meeting, Google Hangout/Google Meet or other online tools.

What if the event I was invited to is full?

If you were not able to get a seat at an upcoming huddle you wanted to join, we encourage you to stay tuned for invites for future Talent Huddles, or get in touch through this form if you’re Top Rated and interested in hosting one.

How do I get involved in hosting a Talent Huddle?

If you are a Top Rated freelancer and interested in hosting a Talent Huddle, let us know by filling out  this form.

What support or perks do Talent Huddle hosts get?

Remember, Talent Huddles are independently and voluntarily hosted freelancer meetups. Huddle hosts are motivated by their interest in meeting other freelancers to socialize and expand their network. There are no perks or compensation for Talent Huddle hosts. However, If you’re selected as a host, we’ll provide you with resources and tips to host your Talent Huddle, answer any questions you have, and send out the invites to freelancers in your region.

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