Australian GST

Upwork will charge the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to freelancers and agencies in Australia starting July 1, 2017, unless you provide a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) and acknowledge that you're registered for GST. GST will be assessed on fees for services provided by us, not on fees you charge your clients for services you provide your clients.


Calculating GST

GST will be applied to applicable Upwork fees, including the Upwork service fee, premium Upwork memberships, and purchases of Connects. This tax will be collected by Upwork and remitted to the Australian Taxation Office, unless you provide a valid ABN number and acknowledge that you're registered for GST.

If you don't have an ABN, or aren't registered for GST, here's an example of what this would look like:

Your contract amount


Upwork service fee (20% x $100)


GST on the service fee (10% x $20)


Take home earnings after fees and GST



In the case of freelancer service fees, if your contract amount is $100 and you pay the 20% sliding service fee ($20.00), we will apply the 10% GST to only the $20 service fee, meaning we will collect $2.00 in GST. These amounts will be calculated in U.S. Dollars.

Note: You’ll see the GST listed in your Reports > Transaction History and on the invoice from Upwork to you. The invoices between you and your clients will not change. 

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Entering your Australian Business Number

You can add your 11-digit ABN and confirm that you are registered for GST by visiting the Accounts menu > Settings > Tax Information.

Beginning July 1, 2017 and until you enter your valid ABN and you’ve acknowledged you’re registered for GST, Upwork will charge GST. This means that a GST charge will show up on any invoices occurring before your valid ABN is successfully saved to your profile and you’ve acknowledged you’re registered for GST. We can't refund you this amount. If you have an ABN and are registered for GST, please enter your Tax Information before July 1, 2017 to avoid being charged.

Don't have an ABN or aren't registered for GST? Please visit the Australian Taxation Office site and the Australian Business Register to learn more.

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Changing GST Number or Location

If you need to change your GST number in the future, you can do so by visiting the Accounts menu > Settings > Tax Information.

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Tracking your GST

Your GST is shown on invoices from Upwork to you, which can be found in your Reports > Transaction History. The invoices between you and your clients will not change.

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Why is GST being collected now?

Australia introduced a new law applying the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to international sales of services and digital products provided to Australian consumers. This change means that non-Australian businesses (like Upwork) will be required to collect GST on these sales starting July 1, 2017.

I have an ABN, but I’m not required to be registered. I'm exempt from registering for GST because I’m under the $75,000 threshold. Are you still going to charge me?

We understand that you may not required to register for GST for the purposes of your freelance business. However, to comply with the new Australian laws, Upwork has to collect GST on the services we provide. (This means the 10% tax will apply to applicable Upwork fees, including the sliding service fee you pay when you earn on Upwork, the fee you pay for a Freelancer Plus membership (if you have one), and the cost of purchasing additional Connects.) The only way for us to confirm whether someone is a taxable person (i.e. a consumer) for GST purposes is for us to (i) collect an ABN and (ii) for that person to acknowledge they are registered for GST. This tax is separate from the services you provide to your clients.

Please consult your tax advisor to determine your GST obligations. To learn more about registering for GST, you can visit the Australian Taxation Office site

To learn more about registering for GST, you can visit the Australian Taxation Office site.

Will Upwork charge Australian GST if I move to a different country?

If you relocate to another country and update your Upwork profile to show your new location outside of Australia, we will automatically stop collecting the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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