Boost your job's visibility with a Featured Job. Upgrade your job post for a one-time fee of $29.99 to reach more freelancers in less time and to attract top talent.


  1. Your job post will include an eye-catching blue badge to stand out among other job posts.   featured-jobs-badge.png
  2. Your job will move up to the top of search results to attract more proposals from freelancers.
  3. Your job will be showcased in emails sent to Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancers.
    • These freelancers get an incentive to work on your job: a reduced freelancer fee on Featured Jobs.
  4. You will receive a shortlist of 3-5 freelancers with the skills you require from a Talent Specialist.

I am already working with an Upwork Talent Specialist. How does this program differ?

Talent Specialists you work with through Upwork Pro or our pilot program can help you review your post, source talent, and flag top freelancers. But only a “Featured Job” will include an eye-catching badge in the job feed, allow you to move your job to the top of search results, and help you reach more freelancers, including Top Rated and Rising Talent, in less time. Also, when you upgrade to a Featured Job, top talent get the incentive of a reduced freelancer fee to use Upwork for your job.

If a Talent Specialist has already worked on your job, they’ll review it again if you opt to have it be a Featured Job. Once you receive additional proposals, they’ll update the shortlist of relevant freelancers you received previously.

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