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Limited-release feature. See forum announcement.


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Specialized Profiles Beta Test

We are beginning the early stages of testing specialized profiles for freelancers that work on mobile development projects. For example, you can separate out the work you’ve done as an iOS developer from your work as a translator or graphic designer. Qualifying freelancers will receive an invitation by email in the coming weeks.

To start, our testing will focus on giving freelancers the option to create a specialized profile. Later we'll add the ability to submit a specialized profile with a proposal or have it shown in search. The team is also working on specialized job posts following a similar template and expanding the specialized profiles experience for agencies.


Create or Change a Specialized Profile

Once you’re invited to the test, you’ll have the option to “Add specialized profile” in the profile editor (Find Work > Profile). After you’ve created a specialized profile, your options are:


  • View: See a preview of how it’ll look to clients.
  • Unpublish: Hide it so only you can see it. You can continue to make changes and republish it later.
  • Delete: Removes the specialized profile entirely. To re-add it you’ll have to start over.  
  • Edit: Each section of a profile will have an “Edit” or “Add” option that allows you to make updates and changes. Switch between profiles at the top (General Profile, iOS Development, etc.) to edit the parts that are customized to that profile view.



What’s the difference between a specialized profile vs. the general profile I already have?

On each specialized profile you’ll set:

  • Title, overview, and rate
  • Which portfolio and work history items show (general has all, specialized shows just the relevant ones of your choosing)
  • More detail about the type of skills you have within iOS, Android or cross-platform work. For example, programming languages, types of devices you develop on, which categories of apps you’ve worked on, etc.


What’s stays the same on a specialized profile and the general profile I already have?

The rest of the parts of the profiles (except those listed above) will be the same across profile views:

  • Skill tests, educational background, employment history, certifications, other experience, languages, availability
  • Portfolio project details (you don’t have to show all projects on specialized profiles, but their titles, attachments, and other details will be the same everywhere they appear)
  • Job Success Score

If you edit a shared part of your profile, the changes will show across on all profile views.


Who can create a specialized profile?

The test is currently focused on the “Mobile Dev” category. Freelancers who have completed mobile development projects in the past will be invited to create a specialized profile in the coming weeks. We hope to roll out the option to other categories next year. This experience is not yet available for agency members.


Who sees my specialized profiles and when?

Until December, any specialized profiles you create will only be visible after you or a client clicks into your existing general profile. When someone clicks on your profile from an old contract, past discussion in Messages, or the Community Forum, they’ll continue to see your general profile (with the option to switch to the specialized profiles, if you have them).


How will a client know I have a specialized profile?

Your profile will contain an indicator that you have other specialized profiles, and the client will have the option to switch between those versions when viewing your profile (similar to how you switch between versions when editing your profile). We plan to expand direct access to the specialized profiles to search and proposals at a later date.


How do I send someone a link to my specialized profile?

For now (during testing), you will only be able to send a direct link to your general profile. We plan to add unique links to your specialized profiles at a later date.


What are the future plans to expand the specialized profile feature?

After December, we’ll make changes to search so that we can show the profile view most relevant to that search. Eventually, you’ll also be able to choose which profile to submit with your proposal and clients will begin creating projects using a template that matches these new profiles. Depending on testing results and feedback from our users, the goal is to, eventually, branch out to more categories in 2018.



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