Post a Job with a Location Requirement

When you post a job that includes a local requirement, it will only be visible to freelancers whose Upwork account shows they live in that greater metro area.

A freelancer who wants to submit a proposal for a job post that requires in-person work must check a box at the bottom of the proposal page that states: “I understand and accept that the client has an in-person requirement for this project.”

If they do not agree to this term, they are not permitted to submit a proposal. Once you receive proposals from freelancers in the area you can then discuss your needs and make sure they are able to meet them. If you don’t find a suitable freelancer that way, you can always edit your job post to open the job to all freelancers, whether they are in a certain area or not.

We are testing this option first in select U.S. cities. Based on testing, we may expand this option to other locations in the future.

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