We know clients often like to hire those who have served in the military as a way to support veterans and leverage your valuable skills and leadership.

As a result, we want to give you the opportunity to add an icon to your Upwork profile that shows you are a military veteran. You can add the icon for serving in the military in any country.

To add your military status:

  1. Go to your Upwork profile, and look for the “Verifications” section on the left side. 
  2. Choose the + button next to “Military Veteran”
  3. Enter your military service information, including branch of service and active duty dates.
  4. Once provided, you will receive a “self-reported” military veteran icon on your profile.
Who qualifies as a “veteran”?

Requirements can vary based on the country you served. Each may have unique requirements based on the time served, conflicts engaged in, etc. We rely on you to accurately self-report your veteran status.

Is my military veteran icon visible in search? Is there a search filter so clients can find me by it?

Clients will be able to see the icon when they visit your profile. At this time, the icon does not appear by your name in search results and clients cannot specifically search for veterans.

I was a member of Upwork’s U.S. Military Veterans Group, what happened to that group?

Upwork’s U.S.Military Veterans Group was discontinued and will be removed from your profile in the future. We created this new icon so you can still highlight your service, and those who served other countries can too.

I don’t see my exact branch of the military listed. Why?

We’ve tried to broadly group the branches of service based on what is most common globally. We’re open to feedback on how we can refine this list –– so please share any ideas!

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