Upwork is a professional work marketplace where skilled talent and great clients can come together and get work done. We are here to open valuable opportunities across the globe. However, there are certain activities and behaviors that Upwork does not support and will not tolerate. 

What are the critical Upwork policies?

Upwork does not permit and will swiftly address any talent or client who is associated with:

  • Creating, promoting, supporting, or engaging in any form of child exploitation
  • Engaging in illegal activities
  • Perpetuating a fraud or scam
  • Hacking of websites or systems
  • Creating disinformation/ fake news
  • Unlawfully discriminating against anyone based on race or ethnic origin, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, marital status, or pregnancy
  • Engaging in extremely abusive behavior, including threats or harassment

See something, say something. 

You have the power to let us know when someone isn’t following the rules, and we welcome and encourage you to do that. If you see another user engaging in any of the above behaviors, we encourage you to report it using the “Flag as Inappropriate” button placed throughout the platform. These flags are sent directly to Trust & Safety. You can learn more about flagging suspicious activity here

You can also reach out to Customer Support to report any issues, and they will ensure your report is routed to the appropriate team for review. If you want to learn more about Upwork’s policies and Terms of Service, click here.

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