Optimizing your profile is a great way to set yourself up for success on Upwork’s work marketplace. Here are a few tips for creating a great profile that’s in line with Upwork’s standards. 

Why do I need a strong profile?

Creating a winning profile is the first step to becoming successful on Upwork. Clients can search and view profiles and directly invite talent they are interested in working with for their projects. When you submit a proposal for a project, your profile is displayed along with your specific responses to the job post. Having a strong profile could mean the difference between landing the contract of your dreams and losing out on the opportunity. 

What should I include in my profile?

In order to build trust with potential clients and make sure you are matched with the right projects for your skillset, your profile needs to really represent who you are. You’ll need a picture of yourself and your name. Your title and description should contain real information (no gibberish) and be complete. 

We understand that you may just be getting started on Upwork and are planning to go back and complete your profile later, but it’s important that your profile contains accurate and complete information you want potential clients to see from the start. 

What shouldn’t I include in my profile?

It is against Upwork’s Terms of Service to present any sort of false or misleading information on your profile. Additionally, including information about yourself, your skillset, and your experience that isn’t quite accurate can often lead to poor contract outcomes and negative ratings, which can make it hard to be successful on Upwork. Make sure that your experience, abilities, and skills accurately reflect who you are and what services you can provide. 

All of your portfolio items must be work that you have actually completed. Including work stolen from other users or outside sources on your profile is a violation of our ToS. Your profile can’t have any advertisements for products or services provided outside of Upwork. Also, you are not allowed to offer services that aren’t supported by Upwork. 

Lastly, do not include any direct contact information on your profile (e.g. email or phone number). This is against Upwork’s ToS, and it opens you up to the risks of unwanted external contact or fraud. You can learn more about this policy here

We’re so glad that you’re here and have chosen to grow your business on Upwork. Our door is always open, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you succeed!

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