If you are a highly skilled freelancer working in the Design & Creative, Sales & Marketing, or Development & IT categories, the Talent Scout program is a great option for you.

Talent Scout matches the most highly skilled talent on Upwork with clients who are looking for the best of the best. These are exclusive roles with clients who want to work with the top independent professionals around.

To take part, you’ll need to apply and successfully pass a  screening process. Then, when we have a client looking for your skills, we’ll let them know about you.

For now, we only offer Talent Scout screening for those working in the Design & Creative, Sales & Marketing, or Development & IT categories. However, we plan to expand the program in the future.

To apply to be part of the Talent Scout program, click here. Please allow at least 21 days for us to review your submission –– we get a lot!

If you qualify, we’ll first have you go through our assessment process, then set up a time for you to meet with one of our specialized recruiters who will interview you to see if you are a fit for the program.

Talent Scout perks:

  • No freelancer service fees on Talent Scout contracts. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for your hard-earned talent and all that you’ve contributed to the work marketplace.
  • Exclusive access to top paying clients on Upwork. These clients work directly with us to find talent and don’t post their jobs in our marketplace.  
  • Exclusive access to long-term, higher-paying jobs. Talent Scout helps you build meaningful relationships with the most trusted clients in the world.
  • Specialized recruiters reach out to you, no need to apply to jobs. Spend less time looking for jobs and more time doing the work you love. 


How long does it take for my submission to be reviewed?
Please give us 21 days to review your Talent Scout submission. Thanks for your patience!
What are you looking for in freelancers?
We look at a variety of factors, including experience, education, and existing skills. If you already have an Upwork account, we’ll also look at your Upwork reputation (feedback, JSS, etc.).
My submission to join Talent Scout wasn’t accepted. Can I try again?
Absolutely! We suggest waiting at least six months or so, though, in order to give yourself time to build your skills.
Will I be charged Connects for Talent Scout jobs?
No, Connects are not needed because you are not submitting a proposal –– we are reaching out to you.
I don’t have an Upwork account but I’m interested in the Talent Scout program. Can I join it?
Yes! You just need to create an Upwork account and click here. Be sure to provide a complete profile before submitting your submission to be considered for Talent Scout.
Is Talent Scout available for all clients and freelancers?
Talent Scout is available to clients in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and Israel, and open to freelancers globally.
How is Talent Scout different from the Expert-Vetted talent program?
Both require a freelancer to go through a similar vetting process, including skill reviews and an interview. But with the Expert-Vetted Talent program, you’ll need to be invited and complete a more thorough interview process.
What happens at the interview for Talent Scout?
The goal of the interview with the specialized recruiter is to assess your soft skills and to learn more about the type of jobs you're interested in. That way we can see if you are a fit for the program and when to consider you for the roles with our most trusted clients.
Will my Upwork profile be reviewed once I submit my application to the Talent Scout program?
Yes, the application process includes a review of your Upwork profile in addition to other evaluation criteria.
What is the status of my Talent Scout application?
To track the status of your application, you can reference your Talent Scout Dashboard, which updates automatically depending on the stage of the application process you are in. Additionally, you will receive an email when your application status changes.
What are the different statuses of a Talent Scout application?

Your application will be in one of five stages:


You have submitted an application
Your application has been reviewed and we’ve invited you to undergo an assessment

You are ready to schedule an interview with one of our recruiters
 You passed and are part of the program!
You did not qualify for the program at this time.

Why was my application declined?
If your application was denied it likely means that your current skills are not a good match for the needs of the clients who use Talent Scout. Once you build your expertise we welcome you to reapply (please wait at least six months so you have time to gather more experience).
Do I see invitations to interview on my Talent Scout Dashboard?
Yes. When we match you to a job, you will receive an invitation to interview. If you are interested you can select “Accept” and a recruiter will reach out to schedule an interview between you and the client. If you aren’t interested in the job, you can select “Reject.”
Why am I not seeing any invitations to jobs on my Talent Scout Dashboard?
You won’t see any invitations there until you are invited to a Talent Scout job opportunity.
If I’m already Expert-Vetted, do I still need to apply and go through the interview and assessment process for Talent Scout?
No, if you are Expert-Vetted, you will automatically be accepted into Talent Scout.
If I was accepted to Talent Scout, does it mean I’ll get the Expert-Vetted badge and Upwork Skill Certification?
You will need to pass an Upwork Skill Certification to qualify for Talent Scout, and once you do we will add that badge. We will not automatically add the Expert-Vetted badge to your profile if you are accepted into Talent Scout. We do, however, review the freelancers in Talent Scout when inviting new talent to the Expert-Vetted program, so you may be invited at some point.

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