This feature is being gradually rolled out and is not available to everyone in the United Kingdom yet.

We want you to feel at home on Upwork. This includes being able to choose the language and currency that you see on our platform, which is now available to some freelancers and clients in the United Kingdom.

If this feature is available to you, you’ll see a pop-up encouraging you to choose your language and currency. You’ll also see a currency tab on your navigation menu with dropdown options to choose United States Dollars ($USD) or British Pounds (GBP).

You can change your language and currency selection at any time by using the dropdown selection on the navigation menu. Depending on your current selection, you’ll see the tab on the navigation menu as either $USD or GBP, and the dropdown will give you both options.

Select language and currenty for the United Kingdom


Your language and currency selection affects what you see on our platform as you post or search for jobs and manage your projects. You’ll also be able to read many of our top resource articles in British English if you choose that option.

Almost all of the content on our platform and articles will remain the same, but spelling, grammar, and word choices will be customized for British English — “customized” would be replaced with “customised”, for example. In a few cases, we have customized content to be more localized.

Some content, such as our Community and Support pages, will continue to display in American English.


All Upwork transactions and contract amounts will continue to be in $USD. However, you will have the opportunity to see amounts displayed in estimated GBP in several places.

The GBP amounts are estimates and will vary based on current GBP to $USD conversion rates, but they can make it easier for you to estimate your earnings and costs.

Where you’ll see GBP or $USD

  • You’ll be able to choose your rates and Project Catalog prices or set your budgets in GBP
  • You’ll see your earnings or amounts spent on your profile in GBP
  • You’ll see both GBP and $USD on proposals and offers
  • Contracts and reports, such as your overview of pending and available earnings, transaction reports, and weekly billing summaries, will continue to display in $USD

What other people see will depend on their own currency choices. For example, if you set your hourly rate or job post budget in GBP, anyone outside the UK will still see those amounts in $USD.

Important Note:

All transactions will continue to be in $USD, and all displays of currency other than $USD are estimates based on recent conversion rates. These rates are subject to continual change due to fluctuations in currency conversion rates.

Dual currency Pounds/Dollars for UK users

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m from the UK, but I’m currently traveling or living somewhere else — can I still have this option?

The language and currency option is based on IP address. If your IP address is showing a location other than the UK, this feature won’t be available.

I live in the UK and don’t have the language and currency option, yet. Can I opt in?

We are not offering an opt-in option for this feature yet, but we hope to make this available to everyone soon.

How do I change my language and currency settings?

If you have the language and currency option, you’ll see either $USD or GBP on your global navigation menu on the Upwork platform. Select it to see the language and currency dropdown menu and make your selection.

Will this be available for other languages and currency types?

We plan on developing this for more languages, and other currencies, in the future.

If I change my language and currency options to GBP, will my transactions be in GBP?

No, all transactions will still be in $USD. The GBP amounts are estimates for your reference only, to help you estimate your costs and revenue. The GBP amounts are subject to change based on current exchange rates.

I am in the UK and noticed a message that referred to transactions occurring in $USD — what does this mean?

All contract amounts and Upwork fees are based in United States dollars. Any non-$USD amounts that display on the platform are estimates for your reference only, to help you estimate costs and earnings. These amounts are subject to change based on current exchange rates.

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