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A freelancer’s Job Success Score reflects their reputation on Upwork based on direct client feedback and other indicators of client satisfaction. It combines metrics on their clients’ public and private feedback, long-term client relationships, client rehires, and contracts that don’t result in work delivered. An agency's Job Success Score is an aggregated score for all the agency's jobs.

Top freelancers and agencies on Upwork typically have a score of 90% or higher, which indicates an overall track record of meeting or exceeding clients’ work expectations.

Small differences between scores, say 91% versus 93%, are less important than large differences. Freelancers and agencies with scores of 90% and above have consistently delighted their clients. A freelancer or agency with a score in the 80s has done solid work but also has indicators that their clients see some room for improvement. Scores of 79% and below may indicate that the freelancer or agency has been struggling to meet their clients’ expectations.

What’s the difference between public and private feedback?

Public feedback is what freelancers see at the end of each contract and what is shared publicly on freelancers’ profiles. Ratings for skills, availability, quality of work, adherence to schedule, communication, and cooperation, plus comments if clients have added any. Private feedback consists of the reason for ending the contract (e.g., job completed successfully) and a score for “How likely are you to recommend this freelancer to a friend or colleague?” on a scale of 0 to 10 (Not at all likely to Extremely likely).

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