We know that keeping track of freelancers is important to you. Whether it’s freelancers or agencies you’ve worked with before, or ones that caught your eye but weren’t exactly what you were looking for at that particular time, you want to be able to find who you need, when you need them. That's why we've built lists into Virtual Talent Bench — so you can keep track of all your talent in one place.

Lists are an evolution of the Saved feature, with enhanced functionality. Previously, your Saved list was just that — one single list. In Virtual Talent Bench, you can now create and share up to 100 lists to organize freelancer profiles around your unique needs.

Creating a list

To make lists as accessible as possible, you can create them in a number of ways. The first is from your home page:

  • Click the Talent dropdown menu
  • Select “All your lists and saves”
  • Click “Create a List”

You can also create a new list while browsing talent by clicking the heart button and then “Create List.” Or click the “Create a List” button on most pages in the Talent menu.

When you create a list, you can give it a unique name — a type of skill, an upcoming project, or anything else that will help you keep track of talent. For lists that require more context, you can add a description as well.

Adding talent to your list

Freelancer profiles and freelancer tiles in search results have a heart button at the top right corner. Click this button to select a list (or make a new one) that you want to add that freelancer to.

Editing a list

You can edit a custom list at any time. To do so:

  • Go to “Your lists” (in the left column)
  • Select the list to edit
  • Click the (...) button and select “Edit list details”

You will also find the “Delete this list” option here, if needed.

Sharing a list

You can share the lists you’ve created with people on and off Upwork. To do so:

  • Go to “Your lists” (in the left column)
  • Select the list to share
  • Select the Share list button on the top right
  • You can choose to copy and paste the link or send it through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Logged-in users will be able to view the list and save it as their own. Logged-out users, or those who don’t have an Upwork profile, will just be able to view the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a list?
Lists are dedicated spaces for you to save and organize talent. You can create lists for unique skills, projects, or anything else that is helpful for you.
Is there a limit to how many lists I can make?
Yes, there is a limit of 100 lists per account.
How do I create a list?
You can create lists by clicking the “Create a List” action on any of the pages in the Talent section of your account. You can also create lists on the fly while browsing talent by clicking the heart button on a freelancer’s profile or profile tile, and then select “Create List.”
How do I edit a list?
You can edit a list by navigating to “All your saves and lists” in the Talent menu, selecting the list to edit, clicking the (...) button, and then selecting “Edit list details."
How do I share a list?

You can share a list by going to the list, then clicking the share button on the top right corner. You can copy and paste the link anywhere. Or you can share it to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Upwork users can then save the list themselves.

Are my notes, tags, and lists visible to others?

If you share a list, others can see the members of the list but not the notes or tags.

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