We understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback. When you provide feedback as a client, you can help freelancers and agencies identify their strengths and weaknesses, or show appreciation for things they did well. You’re also sharing your experience with other Upwork users, which can help them make more informed choices about the right talent for their project.

We have created two types of feedback:

  • Public — You can provide comments and star ratings which will be shown on the freelancer’s or agency's Work History. This requires a minimum net contract payment of $1 to be visible.
  • Private — We use this to assess the talent or agency's job success. This is an opportunity for you to provide information to Upwork that you may feel uncomfortable sharing publicly. This feedback remains on file and cannot be edited.

If you are the one who ends the contract, you'll be prompted to leave your feedback in the End Contract form. If the freelancer or agency ends the contract, you’ll have 14 days to leave feedback. This is based on UTC time, so the deadline on the 14th day will be at midnight UTC. Note: This means you may not have until midnight in your timezone, so please compare your timezone to UTC. 
Learn more about how to end a contract.

Leave feedback on a contract that is open

  1. Go to All contracts
  2. Find the job you need and select the (...) button
  3. Select Give feedback
  4. Only public feedback can be submitted on open contracts. If you’d like to submit private feedback before a contract is closed, contact your freelancer directly.

Leave feedback on a contract that has ended

  1. Go to All contracts
  2. Choose the job you need and select the (...) button
  3. Select Give feedback. If 14 days have passed since the contract has closed, your opportunity to leave feedback has passed and you won’t see this option.

You have 14 days from the end of a contract to leave feedback. We created the system to be double-blind, which means that feedback won’t be visible until both parties provide it for each other. We designed it this way to help ensure genuine, independent feedback from both parties. If only one party leaves feedback, we will post it after the 14-day period has expired.

Edit feedback on a contract

If the 14-day feedback period expires before you are able to add comments, you can contact the freelancer or agency and ask them to allow you to add feedback later. We will notify you once the option to leave feedback is available.

If you left feedback but need to make a change, you can also contact them to request the opportunity to change that feedback. Remember, you cannot edit public feedback after you give it unless the other party allows the option to edit the feedback.

If you accidentally left feedback for the wrong person or left feedback that no longer applies, you can ask us to remove the feedback. We can only remove feedback for you, not edit it.

Guidelines for leaving feedback

Any feedback you leave must be genuine and follow Upwork’s Terms of Service. To maintain the integrity of the feedback system and avoid conflicts of interest, insider feedback from someone within your company is not allowed. You also cannot accept anything of value from a freelancer, such as free or reduced work, in exchange for leaving good feedback.

Feedback should be professional and relate to the contract. It cannot contain abusive or offensive language, racist or discriminatory language, explicit content or links to explicit content, your freelancer’s private contact information or other confidential information.

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