Ideally, feedback helps both clients and freelancers identify their strengths and areas that might need improvement, as well as helping other users in the marketplace learn more about your history on the platform.

We encourage everyone to be honest but also fair and considerate, and usually this goes smoothly. However, if you do have a problem with the feedback you receive, you have two options:

  1. Respond – Must be done within 28 days of the contract ending.
  2. Dispute – Only available under limited circumstances. In the majority of cases, it isn’t possible to dispute feedback.

You have the opportunity to respond to any feedback comment. Your response will be visible only to the freelancer and not to anyone looking at your history. You may only post one response to feedback, and once you submit the response, you can’t edit it.

To respond to feedback on a contract

  1. Go to Talent > Past Hires
  2. Choose the title of the relevant contract
  3. In the Terms & Settings section, choose Respond

Once you submit your response, you can't edit it. 

Disputing feedback on a contract

Feedback represents the user's opinion and because of this, we can't edit these comments or scores, nor can we investigate them for accuracy. Please try to work out any feedback issues you have with your freelancer directly. If the freelancer agrees to revise their comments or scoring, you can enable feedback changes from within the contract.

If you can’t resolve the issue with the freelancer and you feel you have received feedback that violates Upwork's Terms of Service, please contact Support.

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