In today’s fluid business environment, sometimes you need to make changes to who is on what team.

While there is no option to switch teams for contracts, you can add someone to a different team and remove them from the original team (or keep them in both teams). If you have any open contracts, you should coordinate with your freelancers and agencies on moving the contracts.

To move a hired freelancer from one team to another

  1. Be sure the contract is ended in the old team
  2. Rehire the freelancer into the new team

To add a hired freelancer to another team while keeping them in the original team

  1. Rehire the freelancer into the new team — you can have multiple, simultaneous contracts

To move a colleague team member from one team to another

  1. Get the email address associated with the person’s Upwork account
  2. Go to SettingsMembers & Permissions
  3. Choose the new team in the selector:
    1. Select the Invite New User button
    2. Fill out the form
  4. Switch to the old team in the selector:
    1. Find the team member you want to remove
    2. Select the checkbox in the last column
    3. Choose Remove from Team

To keep a team member in both teams, skip Step 4 above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see what team talent is on?
To discover what team your talent is on, find their contract and go to the Details tab. It is listed in the details section, below the summary. Talent may work under multiple teams, but this will show you what team this specific contract is on.

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