The My Jobs page has been retired. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can access your job posts, offers and contracts in an easier, more convenient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a certain contract?

Go to Jobs > All Contracts. On the All Contracts page, you can view all contracts (open, closed, and paused ones) set up by you or your team members. You can also choose View contracts on your dashboard for easy access to your contracts.

I don’t see the My Jobs dashboard and I’m being redirected. Where is it?

We’ve retired the My Jobs dashboard page and are redirecting to your Enterprise dashboard, which is located on your home screen of Upwork. You can still access your job posts, offers, and contracts directly from your dashboard.

How do I post a job?

Select the Post a job button on your Enterprise dashboard or go to Jobs > Post a job. Learn more about posting a job.

Can I see a list of my job posts or contracts as separate views?

Yes, on your Enterprise dashboard, you can see your job posts, offers, and contracts separately.

How do I add a coworker?

Select Invite a coworker on your homepage dashboard to add a coworker. If you don’t see this option, please contact the admin on your account to either invite someone to join or to update your hiring permissions.

How do I see what my coworkers are doing?

If you have coworkers on the same account, you will see their activity on your dashboard under team activity. You will have access to the job posts they have posted and be able to see the freelancers and agencies they have contracted with so that you can easily rehire them for similar projects.

What if I don’t want to see what my team is working on?

The team activity section is meant to keep all coworkers on a company account up-to-date with the company’s hiring goals. At this time, this section cannot be removed or hidden.

How do I rehire one of the freelancers my coworkers have used?

Go to Talent > Company hires and use the search bar or scroll through the freelancers until you find the freelancer you’d like to rehire. Choose the freelancer’s name, and from their profile choose Rehire to send the freelancer a new offer.

How do I copy a job post my coworker has posted?

Go to Jobs > All job posts and choose Reuse posting next to the post you’d like.

Can I see a list of my team's job posts, offers, and contracts?

Yes, you can toggle to team activity on your dashboard.

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