As your home for generative AI service work, we want to help provide as many opportunities as possible for you to build a career you love. A new partnership between OpenAI and Upwork can help you showcase your large language model (LLM) expertise to clients looking for services like yours.

How it works

If you’re a freelancer who offers services relating to OpenAI, and meet certain program criteria, you have the opportunity to be featured on the OpenAI Experts on Upwork page. This allows you to market your services directly to clients who are looking for work like yours related to OpenAI.

To be considered for this opportunity, you’ll need to meet these requirements:


If you want to participate and market your services through this OpenAI partnership, be sure to read this article carefully in order to meet the requirements to be considered. If this isn't for you, you can still offer any OpenAI-related services without being featured in the program.

Requirements for AI portfolio work

Part of the requirements for this program include showcasing your past, relevant work in your public profile. Below are the requirements for your portfolio work to be considered:

  • Your portfolio item needs to have the phrase “OpenAI Experience” as part of the title
  • The work must include a high-resolution image and/or video that demonstrates your experience with OpenAI
    • This image or video should not include any confidential information or other information that requires third-party approval to use, including logos
  • When creating the portfolio item, you’ll be able to select relevant skills. Include all relevant skill keywords or experience you’ve had with OpenAI
  • Be sure to include a brief description of what you completed on the project. Again, you should not include confidential information or information that otherwise requires third-party approval to disclose
  • Don’t delete or change your portfolio item during the review process or if you become featured on the site. If you need to change the portfolio item, you’ll need to resubmit the OpenAI Experts on Upwork interest form

Many of the freelancers featured offer consultations in OpenAI services, as it helps potential clients get an understanding of the work they need. Offering a consultation in OpenAI services isn’t necessary to be featured in this program, but it can help you stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve completed the requirements, am I automatically in the program?

To be eligible to be featured as an expert through our OpenAI partnership, you’ll need to meet the requirements, submit the form, and be accepted after our team reviews. Once your information has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and we’ll contact you if you’ll be featured. If we do not move forward, you will not be contacted. Our support team will not be able to comment on the status.

I’ve updated my portfolio and completed the form, now what?

Our teams will review your information, and should we have any questions or follow ups, you may hear from us. If you don’t hear from us, that means your profile or experience weren’t a good fit for this program at this time.

I completed the form, but never heard back. Am I able to submit the form again to be considered again in the future?

Yes, you may be considered in the future should your experience align with the requirements of this partnership.

I haven’t worked directly with the OpenAI platform, such as building an LLM, integrating via APIs, can I still be considered?

No, not at this time. Once you have OpenAI experience, we invite you to resubmit the form.

Do I have to do anything else if my portfolio is accepted?

No, we’ll let you know if you’re accepted and we’ll handle it from there. Your OpenAI portfolio will automatically be featured on the OpenAI on Upwork program page after you’re accepted as long as it follows the guidelines listed above and Upwork’s Terms of Service. We may also feature other parts of your profile as part of this program, such as client reviews.

I have an existing portfolio or consultation similar to the ones needed for the program. Can I edit an existing portfolio to be considered for promotion?

Yes, you may update your portfolio or consultation to include the items needed for the program.

I was chosen to be featured. How long will my information remain on the OpenAI Experts page?

There’s no set amount of time that anybody will be showcased. We may rotate who is showcased, make adjustments to, or end the program at any time.

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