Working with Upwork Enterprise clients can be an exciting opportunity. They range from fast-growing startups to global Fortune 500 companies and often have many active projects, which may increase your opportunity for steady work. Enterprise companies also have specific onboarding requirements that you must complete before your contract can begin.

Companies must determine the work classification needed for each engagement to comply with tax and other legal requirements. This means that they must determine whether you can work as an independent contractor or an employee for each contract.

Some information you provide during onboarding is needed to confirm whether you qualify as an independent contractor or employee for the contract, which may include information about your business. Individual companies may require other tasks, such as a confidentiality agreement, and these tasks may vary between contracts and companies.

Onboarding might include the following tasks or other tasks as needed:

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Intellectual property (IP) ownership agreement
  • Company code of conduct review
  • Classification

Please note that you cannot begin work until all required tasks are completed. Any work done before the contract has started cannot be billed through Upwork retroactively, so it's important that work does not start until contracting is 100% complete.

View your onboarding tasks

  1. To view pending onboarding tasks, go to My Jobs > All Contracts
  2. Select Complete Tasks on the pending contract
  3. Hover over the ? icon to see the task details
  4. Identify whether tasks are assigned to you or someone else in the Owner column. You can also see the progress on each task in the Status column.

Complete onboarding tasks

  1. Go to My Jobs > All Contracts
  2. Select Complete Tasks on the pending contract
  3. Select the Start task button
  4. Complete the task and attach any required files
  5. Choose the Complete button

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