If you’re looking to get more visibility for your project in Project Catalog, you can use Connects to boost your project to the first page of search results, where you’ll stand out for more potential clients.

How it works

Boosted Projects are designed to get more attention.

  • You can spend Connects to boost your project to the first page that clients see when they search for work like yours
  • Each click to your project page costs three Connects, and your project will stay boosted until it receives the number of clicks you agreed to exchange for Connects
  • Clients see your Boosted Project in the first search page they see after their search, and they’ll know which projects have been boosted by a message that says “Boosted”
  • If you change your mind, you can stop the boost at any time and get a Connects refund when eligible


To boost your project

  1. Locate the project you want to boost by going to Find work > My Project Dashboard > Lightning bolt icon
  2. Select Boost this project
  3. Enter three to 10 keywords that describe your work. Selecting keywords helps match you with clients looking for services like yours, so it’s important to pick keywords that describe what you offer
  4. Select a budget for Connects from the dropdown. Each click to your page costs three Connects. For example, if you spend 18 Connects, you’ll be boosted until your project is clicked on six times
  5. Select Boost now

You can see an example of the client view if you go to My Project Dashboard, select Boost your Project, and choose See the client view.

Your Connect balance will be charged immediately. Your project will be boosted to clients looking for work like yours until it receives the number of clicks you paid for with Connects. You can visit your Boost dashboard to cancel your boost or boost again.

Stop your boost

You can stop your boost at any time, and you’ll get a refund of Connects based on clicks. If you stop boosting your project before it receives the amount of clicks you paid for, we will refund you the difference after 24 hours.

For example, if you spend nine Connects to receive three clicks, but you only get one click and cancel it, we will refund six Connects. If you spend nine Connects and get two clicks, you’ll get three Connects back.

You’ll be refunded after 24 hours and can see the refund in your Connects history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to boost my project?

Three Connects can be exchanged for one click to your project page, and you’re able to spend nine to 24 Connects total for a project at one time.

What is a click?

A click is a selection made on your project details page from the front page of search when your project is boosted. If the same client selects your project page multiple times, each click counts as its own. For example, if one potential client selects your Boosted Project twice, it counts as two clicks. If you find and select your own Boosted Project, it won’t count as a click. Clicks can happen from mobile or web browsers.

I boosted my project but I’m not getting the amount of clicks I’d like. Can I get a refund?

Yes. Go to Find work > My Project Dashboard and select the Lightning bolt icon from any of your projects. Then select Stop boosting next to the project you’d like.

Is this a bidding competition like Boosted Proposals?

No, everyone who boosts their project will be cycled through the first page to clients looking for services that match their keywords. Even if many people in the same category are boosting, the Boosted Projects are rotated to make sure everyone gets the clicks they pay for.

Can any work category boost their project?

Yes, any work category can boost their project. Consultations cannot be boosted at this time.

Is it possible to spend a different amount of Connects than the dropdown allows?

No, not at this time. We encourage you to select the amount of Connects that you feel are appropriate.

What happens when my Boosted Project receives the amount of clicks I agreed to?

We will automatically remove it from the boosted view in Project Catalog, and you can choose to boost it again if you’d like.

How do I know if my project is still being boosted?

You can check in your project dashboard, by going to Find work > My Project Dashboard and select the Lightning bolt icon from any of your projects.

Why is the boost feature helpful to my project?

With so many projects available in Project Catalog, it can be hard to get noticed. This boost feature can help you:

  • Reach more clients: Stand out by boosting your projects to get attention in search results
  • Set your own budget: You decide how many Connects to spend
  • Analyze and optimize reach: Understand your project’s keyword performance and optimize your strategy by checking your Boost dashboard to know how many views you’re attracting

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