Sometimes it’s helpful to know who is most eager for work. Boosted Projects allow freelancers to use Connects to “boost” their project to the first page of your search results.

When you see the word “Boosted” next to a project, you know the freelancer spent extra Connects trying to get your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean I’ll only see projects from those who bid extra to boost their project?

No, you will still see lots of relevant projects that haven’t been boosted. Those who boost their project will appear on your search results with a message that says “Boosted” near it.

Can I turn this feature off? I don’t want to allow Boosted Projects in my search results

No, but you are free to choose whatever project you’re interested in, whether or not it has been boosted.

How much are freelancers spending to boost their project?

Freelancers use Connects to boost their project; the amount is up to them but they’ll spend between nine and 24 Connects. If a freelancer cancels before they get the amount of clicks they pay for, their Connects will be refunded.

Does a Boosted Project mean that the freelancer is the best for my needs?

It’s up to you to decide who is best for you to work with. When a freelancer boosts a project, it means that they’re really interested in working with more clients. High interest is a great sign that the freelancer is dedicated to helping you get the results you’re looking for, but you should vet everyone you choose to work with carefully.

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