How can I create a great Project Catalog™ title?

Here's a good example: "You will get a professional landing page that engages your customers." This title clearly states what the project is and how it's going to help with the client's customer engagement. We use the title to create the project URL. You can edit the title after approval, but the URL won't change. Title length matters! If it's too short, you may be missing something important. If it's too long, clients may lose interest. Use at least seven words to describe your product's unique features and how it will positively impact your client. Be sure to stay within the 75-character limit.

How do I choose the right project category?

We'll suggest categories based on your project's title. If you don't see the right fit, use "Browse all categories" to narrow down your search and find a category that makes sense for your project. The category is where your project will show up in Project Catalog. Clients use categories to search for what they need, so picking one that best represents your work is important. You should only use the “Other” category if your work doesn’t fit with a different category. If you're stuck, you can look for similar projects listed in Project Catalog to see how they're categorized.

How do search tags work?

You can add up to 5 custom search tags to tell clients exactly what you offer or what makes your project stand out. We suggest including similar keywords and common terms a client may search for. If someone was looking for a project like yours, what would they search for?

What are the best practices for setting a project price?

When you're pricing your work, it's helpful to offer different levels or tiers. This gives clients options to choose from based on their budget and needs. For example, you could offer a basic tier, a standard tier, and a premium tier. The basic tier would be the most affordable and offer the least features. The standard tier would offer more features, and the premium tier would offer the most features. You can also price your work by hourly rate. If you need help deciding what to charge, you can look at similar projects on Project Catalog to see what other freelancers charge. When figuring out your hourly rate, keep in mind the time it will take you to complete the project. Once you know how long the project will take you, you can decide how many days you need to deliver it. The delivery days start after the client gives you the requirements. Remember that delivery days are calendar days, not business days. So, if you have a project with a 1-day delivery, and the client gives you the requirements on Wednesday, the project is due on Thursday. It's important to consider how you'll handle other projects if you have a lot of work in your queue. If you don't deliver the project on the agreed day, the client might not pay you.

What's the best way to manage add-ons?

Add-ons are a great way to let clients customize their projects, but keep you in control of the scope of your work. You can choose from a list of popular add-ons or create your own. Add-ons are priced separately from the rest of the project, and clients can choose which they want to buy. To create your own, select the “Create custom add-on” button. Add the title, description, price, and the number of additional days you’ll need to complete the project with this add-on. You can create up to 3 custom add-ons.

What are the best practices for uploading a video in Project Catalog™?

Your video should be less than 60 seconds and under 100 MB. It will be displayed at an aspect ratio of 4:3. We recommend including audio, but narration should be in English - with a few exceptions. You may include non-English narrations if you are showcasing non-English work, such as translations or voiceovers. Even if your project is not visual, including a video is a great way to snag a potential client's attention. If you use your video as your cover, frames from the first 5-10 seconds will play when clients hover over your project. Your video could display examples of a final product you'll create for a client. Or, it could be a video of you explaining more about your process. Clients love videos because it allows them to feel more connected to you and the project you'll be creating for them.

What are the best practices for uploading photos in Project Catalog™?

You can showcase work from your portfolio or use high-quality, professional stock images that illustrate the kind of work that you do, just make sure you have the rights to use the photo. Make sure your images are less than 10 MB each and less than 4000 x 4000 pixels. The image resolution displayed is 1000 x 750 px and will be automatically adjusted to a 4:3 ratio. We don't allow projects with clickbait language, text-heavy graphics, or images with the Upwork logo/badge. These are the biggest reasons for project rejections. A single image looks far better than a collage on our platform. If you're still feeling stuck, you can browse similar projects on Project Catalog to see what other freelancer projects look like.

Can I cancel a project after it's been started?

We understand things come up. You can cancel a contract within 24 hours without any penalty or impact on your Job Success Score.

What happens after someone buys my project?

When someone buys your project, you'll get a notification in My Jobs. Wait for the requirements because your client has 48 hours to send any requirements you need. If they don't, we'll cancel the order. Start working on the project. You can talk with the client if you have questions or share your progress as needed. Finish the project: Share your work with the client by the delivery date you both agree on. Once they approve it, you'll get paid and they can leave you feedback.

Can I talk to clients before a project starts?

Absolutely! Freelancers and clients can talk about the project before the client buys it to make sure it's a good fit. After a client buys the project, you and the client can continue to discuss any further details as needed. We've noticed that freelancers who respond to these messages quickly are more likely to get an order.

How long does it take to approve a project? Why does it take so long to review a project?

Top Rated, Top Rated Plus & Expert Vetted Talent Project Catalog submissions are reviewed within 2 business days. If you haven’t yet earned one of these badges and are waiting for review, please know we've had an increase in the number of submitted projects. This means that it'll take us a minimum of 10 to 15 business days to review the projects of most freelancers.

Why was my project rejected? Why was my project not approved?

Please, don’t be discouraged if we ask you to make some changes. We'll send you an email with the details we think you need to change. Please, refer to that email, edit your project, and submit it again.

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