Your dashboard is your starting point on Upwork. It helps you track your talent program milestones and quickly understand what work is being done in a single workspace.

To view your Enterprise Dashboard

Your dashboard is your home screen after you log into Upwork. To access your dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Enterprise account
  2. Select the Upwork logo in the top left corner

What you see on your dashboard will depend on your role and the activity of you and your coworkers. You’ll be able to jump to your most critical tasks for hiring and managing your work, including:

  • Viewing your tasks, which include personalized actions you may need to manage your work
  • Viewing a summary of you and your team’s job posts, offers, and contracts
  • Viewing your team’s weekly costs
  • Browsing Expert-Vetted talent
  • Accessing resources and support including a “Get started” module

Choose a section below to learn more about what your dashboard can offer you.

Get started

If you’re new, this is the best place to start. This section gives you an introductory course to help you successfully onboard. You can get an overview of Upwork, learn how to post a job, find talent, and send an offer when you’re ready.

Filter by team

In this dropdown list, you’ll see the teams that have added you. It’s important to make sure that the correct team is selected first, because it’ll change what’s displayed in your tasks, activity summary, and team weekly spend. When you select a team, you can see which co-workers are included in that team too. You can use the plus sign to send invitations to coworkers who aren’t yet on your Upwork Enterprise account.


Activity summary

This section lets you quickly view and access you and your team’s work activity.

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Your tasks

At the top of your dashboard is a section with your tasks, which include personalized actions you may need to manage your work. You can quickly navigate to your most critical tasks for job posts and offers from the Hire tab and contracts from the Manage work tab.


Rehire talent or post a job

This section allows you to post a job, or extend a contract to someone you’ve already worked with.

Rehiring talent is an easy way to continue working with someone that you have already worked with on Upwork. If you select this, you’ll be able to easily extend a new contract to the talent.

To post a job, you can create a new job post or re-use an existing one. If you’re looking to hire, this is where to start.

Pro tip:

The “Get started” section has a video about how to craft the best job post.


Get help

As an Enterprise client, you have a dedicated Support team standing by. Select Get help and fill out the form to contact Support, who will reach out quickly to get the answers you need.

Pro tip:

Check out resources by searching keywords in Help or the Get started section, where you can search for the answers you need or learn how to begin.

Browse talent

A trusted team allows you to think bigger. This section makes it easy for you to view and connect with the top 1% of talent who are Expert-Vetted. You can also browse talent profiles by category to build lists of potential candidates.


Team weekly spend

When you view your weekly team spending, you’ll see on-demand reporting that provides a consolidated view of your team’s overall Upwork spend for that week. If you want to look at different dates or explore more, select the links within this module.

Talent lists

Easily access a talent list carousel of your hires, company hires, Bring Your Own (BYO) talent, and saved talent. As you search through talent, you can make lists to sort and save the right people for the job and access them here as saved talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a job from the dashboard?

You can post a job directly from your dashboard.

  1. Select Post a job
  2. Choose to create a new job post, edit an existing draft, or reuse an old job post
  3. Fill out the questions that will help create your job post
  4. After you post the job, talent will send you proposals. You can review their profiles or invite them to an interview before hiring
Why can’t I see certain parts of the dashboard?

Different permissions are needed to see the tasks module and team weekly summary. Your tasks is a section that is only available to users with hiring permissions (either source talent only or manager). The team’s weekly spending is only available to users with hiring manager permissions. All other permission levels will be able to see the rest of the dashboard modules.

Where can I learn more about using Upwork?

As an Enterprise client, you have access to different resources as you use Upwork:

  • We recommend starting with the “Get started” module on your dashboard, where you have access to on-demand resources that help new hiring managers onboard with Upwork Enterprise. You can also take the Upwork Academy Enterprise 101 course. It’ll only take about 15 minutes, and you can learn more about what’s possible here
  • As an Enterprise client, you have access to a team of Upwork Professionals who are ready to help you find and shortlist talent and hire. If you need help plotting out a project or finding a great freelancer who can help you reach your goals, you can reach out to our team of Upwork Professionals through our contact form
  • The Upwork Support team is available 24/7 when you need personalized help. Fill out the contact form and an agent will connect with you quickly

Upwork Help is a dedicated resource center. Search through articles to learn how to use tools, access reports, and learn more about each feature

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