We’re gradually rolling out this feature to everyone, so you may not see the option to include a scheduled rate increase in your offer workflow yet.

When you are considering working with a freelancer, you may be looking for ways to find top talent and cultivate a successful working relationship. Keeping contract rates competitive with regular increases can be an important part of attracting and engaging top freelance talent.

For an hourly contract, you can include scheduled rate increases in your offer. This lets you automatically increase the hourly rate at set intervals without having to start a new contract.

Freelancers can also request a scheduled rate increase in their proposals, letting you know upfront what they expect to earn in the future. You can accept their proposed rate increase, or you can send an offer with a different frequency and percent or without any scheduled rate increase.


This feature is not available for Enterprise contracts.

How it works

Schedule a rate increase

Scheduled rate increases are only available for hourly contracts. Once you schedule a rate increase, the increases will occur at regular frequencies throughout the duration of the contract.

To include a scheduled rate increase in an offer, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Contract Terms section of your offer, choose the hourly rate you want to pay at the start of the contract. (The rate defaults to the hourly rate on the freelancer’s profile or the bid that they included in their proposal, but you can edit it using the pencil pencil-icon.png icon)
  2. In the Scheduled rate increase section, choose how often you want to increase the rate from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose how much of an increase you want to offer from the dropdown menu or set a custom amount. Amounts are set as a percent of the rate you set in your contract terms

Scheduling a rate increase is optional. If you don’t want to include one in your offer, choose Never from the dropdown options when you select a frequency.

Review a scheduled rate increase in a proposal

Freelancers may include a scheduled rate increase in the proposals they submit to your job posts or invitations. You’ll see the suggested increase percent and frequency in the Proposal Details.

If you respond to the proposal with an offer, you can accept the freelancer’s proposed scheduled rate increase, decline it and include no rate increase, or set a different amount and frequency in your offer.

A freelancer you have an existing contract with, have worked with before, or have messaged through Project Catalog or consultations can also propose new contracts and include a scheduled rate increase. You’ll see it in the Rate increase section of the contract. You can approve or decline the contract. If you want to propose changes, you can edit the offer.


Scheduling a rate increase is optional for you and your freelancer. However, once you both agree to the scheduled rate increase, it is permanent for the duration of your contract. If you want to negotiate new rates in the future, you’ll need to start a new contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to include a rate increase in my offer?

No, the scheduled rate increase is optional. You can choose Never in the drop-down menu in the frequency field. However, offering a scheduled rate increase may help you attract freelancers to your job.

Can I change the rate increase schedule or amount after the contract starts?

No, the rate increase schedule stays in place for the length of the contract. To change it, you and your freelancer will need to start a new contract.

Does the rate increase result in a new contract?

No, one of the benefits of including a scheduled rate increase in your contract is that you don’t have to start over with a new contract to increase your freelancer’s rate.

Can scheduled rate increases be added to existing contracts?

No, you and your freelancer need to schedule the rate increase at the beginning of a contract. We don’t offer the option to add one to existing contracts.

Can I schedule a bonus payment? Currently we don't have a feature to schedule out bonuses, they need to be processed or sent manually on the current date/day that you wish to give your bonus to your freelancers. Our advice would be to send the bonus earlier or after the holidays.

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