“Professionals on Upwork” partnership pages

Upwork partnerships enable people to connect with proven freelancers who have specific experience.


Upwork partners with companies to showcase freelancers who have proven experience working with specific technologies. Freelancers are displayed on the partnership pages because of their work history, work category, profile visibility, and other profile indicators.

To be shown on these partnership pages, you must have extensive work experience shown on your profile with the company showcased or relevant skills in their areas of need, and must be at least one of the following:

  • Top Rated
  • Top Rated Plus
  • Expert-Vetted
  • Certified from the partnership company

It’s also helpful to offer consultations or Project Catalog projects that are focused on the partnering company.

Inclusion in these partnerships is invite-only, meaning our teams will reach out if you qualify.


You are always welcome to offer and market your services, even if you don’t meet the expert partnership qualifications. Your profile and work are still shown in our marketplace, it just may not be shown on the partnership pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be featured on the ____ partnership page?

Our partnership page freelancers are invite-only, meaning we will reach out to you if you qualify. Our pre-requisites to be featured on a partnership page are extensive and include being Top Rated or above and having industry expertise related to the partnership.

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