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Visibility settings help give you control over your work. They help you control when, where, and who you work with by choosing where and when your profile is displayed. They also control the display of your profile in search engines like Google.

Updating your settings can help set clear expectations with your prospective clients so that they aren’t frustrated by reaching out when you’re not there. It may also help make Upwork more convenient for you by helping reduce the messages you get when you’re busy or away.

Remember, it can take up to a day for your updates to display, and your profile may stay active in search engines for a few more days.

Change your profile visibility and access

If you plan to go on vacation, take a leave of absence, or otherwise wish to avoid receiving invitations or offers from potential clients, be sure to set yourself as Not Available.

  1. Select Profile > Profile Settings
  2. Choose a visibility option from the dropdown menu

Set your profile visibility

Availability options

  • Public — Your profile will be visible to the entire internet, including clients, freelancers, and visitors. It’s also visible to search engines such as Google and Bing. Use this option if you want anyone with internet access to be able to view your Upwork profile.
  • Only Upwork Users — Only logged-in Upwork members can find your profile and it’s hidden from search engines.
  • Private — We’ll exclude your profile from the Upwork marketplace and search engines. This means clients won’t see you when they search for freelancers. The only way people can access your full profile in this case is if you share the direct link to it and they are logged into their Upwork account.

Private profile message


It may take up to 1 week for your profile to stop/start appearing in search engine results if you have changed your profile visibility settings. If you have changed your profile visibility from Public to Only Upwork Users or Private and are still appearing in Google search results, you can put in a manual request by using the Google Search Console.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my profile visibility?
  1. Select Profile Profile Settings
  2. Choose a Visibility option from the dropdown menu
My profile was changed to private after I was inactive. How do I change it?

Learn more about why your profile was changed to private and change the setting here.

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