We want you to be successful on the Upwork platform, and part of what makes a freelancer successful here is having a complete profile. This includes your work history and a list of skills — they help potential clients determine if you are the right person for their project.

Prospective clients search for specific skills, and our algorithms use your skills information to match you with projects. 

Being upfront about your skill level is important too. If you are an expert in some skills but a beginner in others, you might want to consider creating a specialty profile to showcase your expert skills.

To add skills to your profile

  1. Go to Find Work  Profile
  2. Scroll down to the Skills section and click the ✎ icon
  3. Start typing the name of a skill, then select the best match from the list provided. If you want to enter more skills, repeat this step for each
  4. You can rank or order your skills by moving the tags in the editor window. This order is how they will appear in your profile
  5. Click the Save button

When adding skills, be sure to use the correct spelling in English. If you are having trouble finding your skill among the options, try some synonyms. For example, "fax" instead of "facsimile." Or be a little less specific. For example, try "technical documentation" instead of "electronics manual creation." Please note we have purposefully excluded skills that you can't sell in our marketplace, such as "dog groomer" or "ninja."

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