Your hourly rate gives clients an idea of how much you generally charge and allows clients to filter freelancer searches by rate. This rate may be higher or lower than the actual rates in your Upwork history, and it certainly does not prevent you from negotiating new contracts on a case-by-case basis.

When you change your rate on your profile, it will not affect your current contracts or proposals. So you can change it as often as you like. Some freelancers update it to match each proposal submitted. Others use it as a baseline for negotiations, much like a store would publish a higher full retail price and then offer discounts.

To update your profile’s hourly rate

  1. Go to Find Work > Profile
  2. Hover over your hourly rate and choose the Edit (pencil icon) button
  3. Enter your rate and click Save

Note: Your profile will show the rate that the client sees and pays. The form will subtract the Upwork Service Fee to estimate your net earnings based on that rate.

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