Direct to Local Bank Fees and Timing

Direct to Local Bank payments are available in the following countries:

• Argentina (ARS)
• Australia (AUD)
• Austria (EUR)
• Bangladesh (BDT)
• Barbados (BBD)
• Belgium (EUR)
• Benin (CFA)
• Brazil (BRL)
• Bulgaria (BGN)
• Bulgaria (EUR)
• Canada (CAD)
• Chile (CLP)
• Colombia (COP)
• Croatia (EUR)
• Cyprus (EUR)
• Czech Republic (EUR)
• Denmark (EUR)
• Ethiopia (ETB)
• Estonia (EUR)
• Finland (EUR)
• France (EUR)
• Germany (EUR)
• Ghana (GHS)
• Great Britain (GBP)
• Greece (EUR)
• Guatemala (GTQ)
• Guyana (GYD)
• Hong Kong (HKB)
• Hungary (EUR)
• Iceland (EUR)
• India (INR)
• Indonesia (IDR)
• Ireland (EUR)
• Italy (EUR)
• Jamaica (JMD)
• Japan (JPY)
• Kenya (KES)
• Latvia (EUR)
• Liechtenstein (EUR)
• Lithuania (EUR)
• Luxembourg (EUR)
• Malaysia (MYR)
• Mali (CFA)
• Malta (EUR)
• Mexico (MXN)
• Morocco (MAD)
• Nepal (NPR)
• Netherlands (EUR)
• New Zealand (NZD)
• Nigeria (NGN)
• Norway (EUR)
• Pakistan (PKR)
• Peru (PEN)
• Philippines (PHP)
• Poland (PLN)
• Poland (EUR)
• Portugal (EUR)
• Romania (RON)
• Romania (EUR)
• Russia (RUB)
• Senegal (CFA)
• Singapore (SGD)
• Slovakia (EUR)
• Slovenia (EUR)
• Sri Lanka (LKR)
• Spain (EUR)
• Sweden (EUR)
• Switzerland (EUR)
• Thailand (THB)
• Togo (CFA)
• Vietnam (VND)


In general, direct to local bank payments take up to four business days to arrive at your bank.

There is a 12:00 pm (noon) UTC cutoff time for same-day processing. After that, transfers will be processed the following business day. Bank holidays in the U.S. or your country can delay your funds.


The cost per withdrawal direct to your local bank is $0.99 (plus incoming fees at some banks). Sending funds in your local currency may reduce or eliminate incoming bank fees.

The currency conversion will be performed by Upwork's banking partner at the time the funds are sent to you. While it's not possible to show the real-time conversion rate, you can check the last exchange rate used by Upwork's banking partner on the manual withdrawal form. If you haven't already, add a Direct to Local Bank account in Settings  Get Paid. Once your Direct to Local Bank payment method is activated (it takes 3 days), you can click Get Paid Now at any time and select your local bank account to see the last used conversion rate for your currency.

Our bank partner works directly with most of each country's major banks to avoid delayed payments and reduce added fees. For information on adding Direct to Local Bank as a payment method, click here.


  • You must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on the bank account. If your name on the bank account doesn't match your name on your profile, click here to learn how you can fix it
  • If your bank asks for a Certificate of Earnings, download one from your Reports tab. If you are in Jamaica, you may need to file a deposit authorization form
  • Maximum per transaction limits are in place for certain countries and banks. Check with your bank for further details, but we are aware of the following current limits (in U.S. Dollars):
    • Argentina: $3,000
    • Benin: $20,000
    • Chile: $5,000
    • Colombia: $3,000-$7,000
    • Ethiopia: $10,000
    • Ghana: $20,000
    • Guatemala: $500
    • Indonesia: $10,000
    • Japan: $8,500
    • Kenya: $5,000-$20,000
    • Malaysia: $50,000
    • Mali: $20,000
    • Nepal: $4,500
    • Nigeria: $3,000
    • Pakistan: $8,999
    • Russia: $9,000
    • Senegal: $2,000
    • Sri Lanka: $13,000
    • Thailand: $10,000
    • Togo: $20,000

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