Respond to a Freelancer’s Fixed-Price Escrow Dispute

While the vast majority of work done on Upwork goes smoothly for both parties, it's inevitable that an occasional dispute arises. Our escrow dispute system is structured to protect freelancers from clients who fail to pay for work delivered. Unlike the hourly dispute system, escrow disputes are filed by the freelancer.

Upwork Fixed-Price Protection allows freelancers to file disputes under two circumstances:

  1. A client fails to release a milestone payment despite delivery of work.
  2. A client ends the job with an escrow balance.

In either case, you will be notified and given the chance to accept the dispute and release the funds to the freelancer or reject the dispute and enter mediation. If you fail to respond within seven days, the escrow funds will be released to the freelancer automatically.

See the Upwork Escrow Fixed-Price Instructions for more details, including Escrow Dispute Assistance Policy.

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