Get a Refund on an Hourly Contract

You must contact your freelancer to request a refund. Freelancers can choose to give a refund for any contract, active or ended, for payments made within the last 180 days.

If the refund causes the contract to generate less than $1.00 in total earnings, the contract won't show on your work history (or on your freelancer's) and any feedback will be removed from your feedback rating. It can take up to 12 hours for both histories to reflect changes due to refunds.

Freelancers may only refund an amount that is less than or equal to the lowest of the following:

  • What they earned on the contract
  • The available balance in their Upwork account, including pending transactions and submitted milestones

If you receive a refund:

  • Upwork creates a credit on your account and a debit on the freelancer's account for the balance of the refund.
  • The credit becomes available on your account right away.

If your freelancer refused your refund request or did not respond, please file a dispute during the review period, which ends at midnight UTC, Fridays. If we determine that your freelancer's hours don't qualify for the Upwork Hourly Protection, the dispute will be resolved in your favor.

Important: You must file a dispute during the client-review period, which runs from Mondays at noon UTC until Friday at midnight UTC.

To file a dispute:

  1. Click the Jobs tab and click My Jobs.
  2. Find the freelancer you want to request a refund from, and click the View contract from the Actions drop-down list.
  3. Click the Dispute link, fill out the form and submit it.

Click here for more information about disputes.

To check any refunds that you have received:

To utilize a refund you have received, you have two options:

  1. Leave the funds in your account and they'll be automatically applied against your future Upwork payments.
  2. Contact Customer Support here to have the funds returned to your billing method. The credit to your billing method will take up to five business days to appear.

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