Activities are used to tag your freelancer's time to different types of work, projects, or other trackable items within a single hourly contract. Freelancers can select from these labels when tracking time so all time is properly billed. You can also edit Activities in your freelancer's Work Diaries if you prefer to handle it yourself.

The Activities system has been designed to improve invoicing by handling

  1. Tracking time on multiple activities for a single freelancer
  2. Tracking time on a single activity across multiple freelancers
  3. Tracking time on multiple activities across multiple freelancers

Activities can be controlled from

  • Activities Management: Go to Reports then select Budgets and click on Manage Activity Codes. This is the main page where you will create Activities and assign them to contracts. You can also archive Activities that are no longer in use. Data for archived Activities will stay in reports and they may be unarchived to be used again.
  • Contract Room: On the Terms & Settings page in a Contract Room you can view and edit the list of Activities that are related to the contract. This is where you can add many Activities to a contract at once.
  • Work Diary: The Activity will be displayed above the screenshots with the Memo in the form "[Activity]:[Memo]." Click on the Activity to edit it.
What is the difference between an Activity and a memo?
The difference depends on who creates them:
  • Activities are client-defined categories or labels. Contracts can be set up so your freelancer selects from these labels when tracking time to enable organized invoicing for the client. Clients can edit Activities in the Work Diary.
  • Memos are written by freelancers to describe what they are working on while they log time. Clients can't edit freelancers' memos.

Activities and memos may be used together to complement each other, improve the accuracy of billing, and enhance transparency.

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