How do I read my freelancer's Work Diary?

The Basics

The Work Diary acts a visual timecard featuring a grid of work-in-progress snapshots in hourly rows, each representing a 10-minute billing segment.

The Background

When a freelancer tracks time using the Upwork Team App, a screenshot and activity summary uploads to each 10-minute segment. Activity associated with a screensnap may span two billing segments. Freelancers can also add manual time to represent work activity not captured by the Upwork Team App.

The memo bars in the Work Diary are color-coded to indicate the status of that billing segment:

  • Green – Auto-tracked time, billable on hourly contracts; may qualify for the Upwork Hourly Protection 
  • Yellow – Manual time, billable on hourly contracts; does not qualify for the Upwork Hourly Protection 
  • Brown – Time over the weekly limit; not billable

The row of green blocks you see under each screensnap is the activity meter. It shows the number of minutes out of a 10-minute billing segment that included activity.

  • Activity is recorded by Upwork Team App and uploaded with auto-tracked time. Manual time does not include activity information. 
  • The meter records the total number of mouse clicks and keystrokes per segment. It does not record what a freelancer clicked or typed. 
  • Click the meter for a detailed view, including minute-by-minute click and keystroke activity counts. 
  • Activity levels during a stretch of logged time will fluctuate depending on the task. Some tasks, such as phoning, reading, and thinking will show low activity. If you see significant portions of the Work Diary with low activity, please discuss them with your freelancer.

The Details

To view your freelancer’s Work Diary:

  1. Go to the Jobs tab to select My Jobs
  2. Select View Work Diary from the Actions drop-down list. 
  3. Select the date you want to view in the center of the navigation bar. Use the forward and backward arrows links to navigate one day at a time, click the calendar icon to find a specific date, or click the Today link to return to the present day view. 
  4. Click the thumbnail image to view the full-size image or point your mouse over it for a larger preview

Although it is useful to literally see what a freelancer is working on during the week, the Work Diary is primarily a billing tool and cannot replace the need for you to communicate and manage your freelancer’s work directly. Please be aware that:

  • You can switch the Time Zone between Mine, User, and UTC to read the information in the way that works best for you. 
  • Work Diaries are locked, and therefore not editable, Mondays at noon UTC following the close of each work week. 
  • All contracts have Work Diaries. But only time within the weekly limit on an hourly contract will be billed and included in reports. 
  • You cannot add, delete, or edit time in anyone else's Work Diary. 
  • When a freelancer makes manual changes to the Work Diary, including adding or removing time and editing memos or Activity codes, the changes update in your Reports once a day. 

Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding reading your freelancer’s Work Diary.

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