Are you an Enterprise customer?

Enterprise contracts will always have manual time enabled and you should discuss proper usage with your freelancer.

To give you greater flexibility in how you manage your projects and spending, you can enable or disable manual time whenever you want.

When you enable manual time on an hourly contract, a freelancer may add manual time to their Work Diary and bill you for it. When you disable manual time, a freelancer may only log time through Time Tracker in the Upwork Desktop App (which provides you screenshots of their work while time is being logged).

You can enable or disable manual time in the following locations:

On the hire form

  1. The enable manual time checkbox is selected by default
  2. Deselect it to disable manual time for your freelancer

On an existing contract

  1. Go to the Jobs tab
  2. Select the contract and choose Terms & Settings
  3. Choose Manual Time to allow or disallow it

In a “Manual Time Request” message from your freelancer

  1. Your freelancer at times might ask to add manual time by sending you a request with an explanation as to why they need to add manual time
  2. If you agree to allow the manual time, you can use the link in the message to enable manual time

Freelancers often use manual time to account for time spent on offline work, such as sketching or making phone calls, or anything that can't be accurately represented on their Work Diary. Manual time does not qualify for Upwork Hourly Protection.

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