Enable or Disable Manual Time

Clients* are able to negotiate with their freelancers whether or not their freelancers can bill manual time. Clients can then allow or disallow it on their contract. If disallowed, a freelancer who finds a need to enter manual time can submit a request for their client to enable it.

* Enterprise contracts always have manual time allowed, please discuss appropriate usage with your freelancer.

You can enable or disable manual time from the beginning, or as needed during the contract. Changes take effect for the freelancer immediately.

On the hire form:

  1. The Enable Manual Time checkbox is selected by default
  2. Deselect it to disable manual time for you freelancer

On a contract:

  1. Go to Jobs > Pick a Contract > Terms & Settings section
  2. Choose "Manual Time" to allow or disallow it

In a Manual Time Request message from a freelancer:

  1. The freelancer will offer an explanation why they need to add manual time
  2. If you agree, use the convenient link available in the message to enable manual time

Freelancers often use manual time to account for hours on offline tasks—sketching or making phone calls, for example—or anything that can't be accurately represented on their Work Diary. Although all time in the Work Diary is billed automatically, manual time doesn't qualify for Upwork Hourly Protection.

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