To help you manage your project’s budget and control costs, you can set a weekly limit on the number of hours your freelancers can bill.

To change a freelancer’s weekly limit after hiring

  1. Go JobsMy Jobs
  2. Select Change weekly limit from the (...) options menu

Things to consider when changing weekly limit

  • If you increase a freelancer’s weekly limit, it takes effect immediately and hours already in your freelancer’s Work Diary will count against that limit. If you decrease a weekly limit, it won't take effect until the next work week (Monday at 00:00 UTC).
  • Only hours within a contract's weekly limit are eligible for the Upwork Hourly Protection.
  • Hours in excess of the limit will not be billed (unless you are enrolled in Upwork Payroll).
  • If you approve the work beyond the weekly limit, please issue a bonus payment to pay your freelancer for the hours.
  • You can change a freelancer’s weekly limit any time, even temporarily. If you want to raise your freelancer’s weekly limit for only one week, make sure you decrease it before the work week ends, which is before midnight on Sunday UTC.

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