To help you complete your projects successfully, you can work with freelancers individually or through agencies, which are groups of freelancers working together.

Hiring an agency can be beneficial when you have larger, multi-faceted projects. Agencies can provide teams of freelancers with different skills to work on different tasks simultaneously. To help you decide if an agency is right for your project needs, we've created a guide to agencies.

Agency members appear in search results and your list of proposals differently than independent freelancers. This lets you know there’s an agency involved and helps you evaluate both the individual freelancer and the agency as a whole. You can invite an agency member to a job and communicate with them acting on behalf of the agency. For tips on getting the best results when working with agencies, check out the FAQs in this article in our Hiring Headquarters.

How do I hire an Agency at Upwork

Remember, to hire the agency, you’ll need to hire a member of the agency.

When you hire an agency member, the agency will be notified at every step and may choose to be involved in the relationship. They may negotiate the rates, participate in the interview, or even remain involved during the contract. It’s up to the agency to decide how to manage their relationships with their members.

Most importantly, all contracts with an agency member are paid to the agency, rather than the freelancer named on your contract. You’ll pay the agency, and the agency’s payments to their team are done privately outside of Upwork.

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