Every agency is a unique business and there are many things that Upwork enables both you and your agency to do. Talk to your agency manager about how they want these processes to work.

Proposals and offers

Agencies and their members can decide how to best proceed with agency contracts. All agency members can submit proposals and each proposal draws from the agency’s collective balance of Connects. Business Managers can also submit proposals on behalf of any agency freelancer.

Only business managers can accept an offer, which means you’ll need them to take action before you can work for a client. If the offer requires a fee to accept, we will charge it to the agency owner’s account.


Your agency’s managers can edit contract terms. Both you and your manager can submit milestones on fixed-price contracts, but only you can log time on your hourly contracts. All contracts are paid into the agency’s collective financial account balance.

Get paid

When you work for an agency, all contract earnings are paid to the agency's financial account on Upwork. Please talk to your agency about how they will pay you.

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