Agency Memberships & Connects

For $20/month, your agency will get 80 Connects per month (shared among all team members), the ability to purchase additional Connects (for $1 per Connect), and the ability to roll over up to 160 unused Connects to the next month.

How do I manage who can submit proposals?

With a Plus plan, managers can submit proposals on behalf of anyone in the agency and agency freelancers can also submit proposals themselves.

Connects can't be assigned or restricted to particular agency members. All agency members draw from the same shared Plus plan pool of Connects when submitting proposals.

If you wish to further restrict who submits proposals, please speak with your team and work out rules with them. It is your responsibility to monitor the activity of your team and ensure their behavior meets your standards. This is true of proposals as well as the work itself.

Who can manage my agency's Connects?

Only the agency's owner and other admins can add more Connects.

How do I apply on behalf of the agency as a whole?

Although the Connects balance is shared by the whole agency, proposals are submitted on behalf of particular workers. You can't "apply as an agency" without assigning the proposals to a person.

Can I have an agency and a freelancer plan?

Yes, you can have both an agency and a freelancer plan. The plans are enrolled and billed separately, so one could be Basic while the other is Plus.

Can I create another agency?

No, a person can only be the owner of one agency.

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