Being your home for work means giving you options that match how you work. For agencies, one of those options is Agency Plus — a unique monthly subscription. for $20.00 (USD) per month that gives agencies access to build their team and purchase shared agency Connects for $0.15 (USD) per Connect.

Agency Plus Benefits

An Agency Plus plan costs $20 (USD) a month and allows you to purchase Connects for a rate of $0.15 (USD) each. It also helps you build your freelancer team with these other benefits:

  • Grow your team with unlimited members.
  • Customize your Agency Profile URL to highlight your business.
  • Be competitive with insight into competitor bid values on jobs.
  • Engage and apply by purchasing shared agency Connects.
  • Keep your earnings confidential.

Upgrade to Agency Plus

Upgrading to Agency Plus is simple:

  1. Go to SettingsMemberships & Connects
  2. Click the View or Edit Membership Plan
  3. Click the Upgrade button on the Plus plan


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my Connects at the end of my billing cycle?

Your agency can roll over up to 400 unused Connects each month.

Will my Connects ever expire?

Connects expire one year from the date of purchase. Your agency can roll over up to 400 unused Connects each month.

Can all agency members submit proposals?

Business managers can submit proposals on behalf of anyone in the agency, and agency members can submit proposals with their own profiles. Connects can’t be assigned or restricted to specific agency members, and all members draw from the same shared Connects balance when submitting proposals.

If you wish to restrict who can submit a proposal, please speak with your team and put rules in place internally. It is your responsibility to monitor the activity of your team and ensure their behavior meets your business expectations.

Who can purchase agency Connects?

Only the agency owner and agency admins have the ability to purchase Connects.

How do I submit a proposal without an assigned agency member?

At this time, all agency proposals must have an assigned agency member.

Can I have an Agency Plus and a Freelancer Plus plan?

Since agency and freelancer plans are purchased and billed separately, you can purchase either or both plans. Connects cannot be shared between agency and freelancer accounts, even if they both are yours.

I currently am on an Agency Basic account. How can I keep that plan?

If you are still on our Agency Basic plan, you can continue working any existing jobs. However, once you’re ready to submit proposals for new projects and you no longer have a Connects balance, you’ll need to upgrade to our $20-a-month Agency Plus plan in order to purchase Connects.

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